Hofstede Design (1996—2015) was Heath McCurdy, Wendy Ellerton, Hege Olsen, Andrew Tesdorpf, Paul Scanlon, Frits Bovill, Liz Cox, Sash Fernando, Tess Copeland, Sally Brownbill, Margaret Schmidt, Tim Royall, Ben Jennings, Tomas Sabbatucci, Paul Mylecharane and Dominic Hofstede. We also acknowledge the many clients, suppliers and colleagues who contributed to a rich and creatively rewarding two decades. Dominic Hofstede is now the Design Director of Maud Melbourne. Click anywhere to view the archive.

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Polly Stanton’s practice utilises photography and the temporal mediums of video and sound to investigate cinemas power to shape and reflect human experiences of place and environment. Stanton’s work employs duration, cinematic codes, and landscape to consider the intersection between the spaces of film and the spaces of geography.

This website provides an overview of Stanton’s body of work. The layout has its foundation in traditional print design, with a carefully deployed modular grid, restrained typography and generous use of white space.