Hofstede Design (1996—2015) was Heath McCurdy, Wendy Ellerton, Hege Olsen, Andrew Tesdorpf, Paul Scanlon, Frits Bovill, Liz Cox, Sash Fernando, Tess Copeland, Sally Brownbill, Margaret Schmidt, Tim Royall, Ben Jennings, Tomas Sabbatucci, Paul Mylecharane and Dominic Hofstede. We also acknowledge the many clients, suppliers and colleagues who contributed to a rich and creatively rewarding two decades. Dominic Hofstede is now the Design Director of Maud Melbourne. Click anywhere to view the archive.

1800 Hofstede


This book was our second collaboration with Guy Mirabella following the success of Eat Ate. Whilst Eat Ate explored Guy’s connections to food through his family and upbringing, Hungry’s inspiration was derived from his experiences running a bustling Mount Eliza café.

Connections to the café are symbolic rather than literal. Earl Carter’s observational photography translates the energy of the space, and creates a sense of drama and cinematic atmosphere, key requirements of the brief. Encapsulating a diverse range of editorial elements including the author’s artwork, hand-written notes and gatefold section dividers, the book offers readers a content-rich experience.