Hofstede Design (1996—2015) was Heath McCurdy, Wendy Ellerton, Hege Olsen, Andrew Tesdorpf, Paul Scanlon, Frits Bovill, Liz Cox, Sash Fernando, Tess Copeland, Sally Brownbill, Margaret Schmidt, Tim Royall, Ben Jennings, Tomas Sabbatucci, Paul Mylecharane and Dominic Hofstede. We also acknowledge the many clients, suppliers and colleagues who contributed to a rich and creatively rewarding two decades. Dominic Hofstede is now the Design Director of Maud Melbourne. Click anywhere to view the archive.

1800 Hofstede


Architects EAT are a creative architecture and interior design practice with a growing reputation across Australia and Asia. The firm required a document that reflected their increased focus on medium to large scale commercial work, specifically within the residential apartment sector.

With minimal text and a focus on high quality imagery, we developed an elegant booklet produced within the constraints of short-run digital printing. A bold typographic approach features a bespoke set of keyline numerals.